Kool Sheep Soakers can be customized with a number of different embellishments.

A Celtic knot or other free-form design can be added on the back. Here are some designs I dreamt up, but anything's possible. The design just needs to be simple and bold, preferably a single continuous line, with no small details.

Designs can be embroidered onto the soaker. Butterflies, daisies, dragonflies, and frogs are all possibilities. If you have something else in mind -- let me know! I'd love to give it a try.

Chinese characters can also be embroidered onto your soaker. Your child's name, or characters like "love," "peace," "happiness," "Tao," are all possibilities.

Finally, a combination of duplicate stitch and embroidery can be used to create realistic representations of themes from nature.

Just let me know your ideas and we can work together to make your soaker perfect!

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